Want your products to rank high on Amazon? Sure, every online business owner does. But how do you improve your Amazon ranking? It’s not as easy as you may think…

There’s absolutely no question that improving product sales and Amazon ranking is every seller’s dream. But keep in mind that there are no shortcuts in becoming a successful Amazon seller. You’ll likely go through many trials and errors before you figure out what works well for your online store.

So let’s cut to the chase. What does it take for you to dramatically improve your Amazon ranking? Let’s take a look at the tips below.

1. Improve Product Listing

Long-term sales are important and they start with properly optimizing your product listing for conversions. In order to achieve a high conversion rate, create a product listing that would stand out from the rest. Make sure you have an engaging product description and effective tagging. Don’t forget to include high-quality images with a product specification to match.

Completing your product listing will mean that your product has a higher possibility of being listed at the top of product search results. This helps improve overall Amazon ranking. Partnering with an eCommerce platform that offers product syndication to Amazon will also help your ranking. At PinnacleCart, we allow you to syndicate your products to Amazon for increased exposure. This helps elevate your sales and moves your business further.

2. Drive Traffic from Outside Sources

Increase your number of new customers by attracting traffic from outside sources. In doing this, you will begin to develop an edge over your competition, your ROI will skyrocket, and your products will stand out above the rest. Ways to bring in outside traffic include:

  • increasing social media efforts
  • working with social influencers
  • updating your blog regularly
  • guest blogging on websites your target audience may visit
  • participating in forums and communities and
  • building a strong following by partnering with affiliate marketers who are active on Amazon.
Affiliate Marketing for Amazon

3. Do Your Keyword Research

Many sellers still don’t understand how keywords help them and why they’re so important. That’s problematic as proper keyword use is one of the surefire ways to get your product on the top of most rankings. Choose relevant keywords so that your products can be found on search terms. Start off by creating an effective product title that has the keyword in it — something that would attract buyers and that will appear in common search results. For more help with keyword research, use Amazon’s own instant fill-in search drop down or other tools like Google Keyword Planner and MerchantWords. You can also setup an Amazon PPC campaign to get high volume keywords for your niche market.

4. Offer High-Speed Shipping and Order Processing

What is always found with sellers who have a high Amazon ranking? They offer high-speed shipping and order processing. As a seller, you want to ensure your customers are happy and satisfied with your products, service, and brand. To do this, stay consistent when processing and shipping orders. Make it a point to keep an eye on accuracy and speed in order processing. You don’t want to receive complaints from customers due to inaccuracy or slow shipping and by doing the opposite, you may even encourage satisfied customer feedback.

Satisfied Customer Feedback

5. Figure Out Top-level Categories

Understanding how to use top-level categories on Amazon can greatly affect your visibility in search results, which affects your overall Amazon ranking. It is important to specify a top-level category when setting up a product for sale. Do your research and list your products in the proper top category. If you fail to do this, expect a very low search visibility and Amazon ranking.

6. The Power of Product Reviews

Enticing customers to give your product positive feedback will lead to higher rankings and more clicks from other Amazon shoppers. This, in turn, will equate to a spike in orders and sales. When sales are high, processing and shipping are consistent, and your customer service is good, you’ll earn even more positive reviews.

Amazon Ranking

7. Bounce Rate and Time on Page

Did you know that, like Google Analytics, Amazon can measure how a customer interacts with their website? They track the time one spends on a page and the bounce rate stats. If a customer spends a lot of time on your listing page, this means that he is likely to be interested in your product. He is also more likely to buy your product if he reads reviews, feedback, and product descriptions. If he just skims through a brief feature list and no other content option is available, he may bounce from that page immediately, which signals to Amazon that your product may not be worth ranking well.

8. Manage Product Availability

Inventory management is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction, steady sales, and your Amazon ranking. Make sure you manage your inventory properly so your ‘store shelves’ are well-stocked. You don’t want to send customers running to another seller if the item they need is out-of-stock!

The above tips will work together to speed up your sales volume and boost your Amazon ranking. When your sale volume spikes, expect more visibility in search results, and more sales in the long run. And never stop experimenting! Amazon is a great place for big opportunities and when done right, has taken regular people and turned them into successful entrepreneurs!

Do you have more tips on how to improve Amazon ranking and speed up product sales? Let us know in the comments below!