Your products look great, the inventory is full and payment gateways are all set up. Only problem? Customers aren’t rushing through your online store’s digital doors just yet.

Luckily, there are tons of online tools you can use to increase outreach, traffic and sales. All it takes is a bit of research to separate the wheat from the chaff – which is why we’ve selected 10 excellent solutions you can start using today.

Use LiveChat to Guide Customers


As we wrote on our website specializing in live chat reviews: “Giving your software the name of a whole category of applications is quite a bold move.” But we also rank LiveChat as the number one solution for those who want to communicate with customers in real time.

While live chat tools were once an expensive and technically complex solution, these days it’s incredibly simple to get started. All you usually have to do is add a line of code (or adding a plugin) in your website and presto – you enjoy numerous benefits.

For instance, if you’ve ever been swayed by a convincing salesperson in a brick and mortar shop, you’ll know how much difference they can make. Similarly, assistance with payment or extra product info is the surest way to guide you all the way to the cash register.

With LiveChat, it can be the same thing, but online and with more high-tech options. This is done through features that let you:

  • Customize the chat window when agents are online or offline
  • Create user behavior notifications (e.g. be alerted when users spend a long time on a checkout page)
  • Create tags and shortcuts for lightning fast support

And it only starts at $16 per month, which is pretty affordable.

Other noteworthy live chat tools: Olark, SnapEngage, Userlike…

Send Emails with Active Campaign to Keep Customers Coming Back

email marketing

59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. If it’s good enough for them, it should also work for your online store.

So where do you get started with email marketing? Our newsletter reviewers generally agree that Active Campaign is a fantastic solution. Automations are the best around: so you can have simple email sequences like “wait X days before sending a new email”, or very complex if/when/then logic that helps you catch customers when they’re almost ready to make a purchase. Or to send complementary products or coupon codes to existing customers.

ActiveCampaign is also:

  • Very easy to implement, even if there’s a lot to learn at first
  • Upgradeable with full CRM integrations
  • Great with email templates options and customization features
  • Able to trigger abandoned cart emails

Other noteworthy email marketing tools: GetResponse, MailerLite, Mailchimp…

Dive Deep Into the World of SEO with SE Ranking

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a science and an art. It’s become so complex that every year, there are hundreds of conferences and meetings around the world from marketers who are trying to crack the search engine’s opaque algorithms.

But before you can play the SEO game, you need to see how your website is doing. And few solutions beat SE Ranking when it comes to getting a complete SEO picture of your online store. When you use it, you’ll be able to:

  • Audit individual store pages for SEO-health scores
  • Track (search engine) rankings with precision
  • See which product keywords you could focus on
  • Gauge competition and perform keyword research

Other noteworthy SEO tools: Moz, Serpstat, Ahrefs and SEMrush

Understand Your Store Visitor’s Behavior with HotJar

Heatmaps are all the rage in web analytics these days. They’re accurate, detailed, and instantly paint a clear picture of what works on your page and what doesn’t. HotJar is a great website heat mapping software that you can try for free today. It will help you see, amongst others:

  • If a product page gets a lot of clicks, but no conversion (maybe adjust the price?)
  • If visitors abandon the site after too many clicks (try to simplify the user journey)
  • How happy users are with your service (you can embed satisfaction surveys)

Other noteworthy website heat mapping software: SumoMe, CrazyEgg (for WordPress), Smartlook, NotifyVisitors

Automate Customer Interactions With TARS

You might already know about the power of integrating services like Facebook Messenger with your store, but how about going to the next level with the technology? We’re talking about automated chatbots. And yes they were once clunky and inefficient, but companies like TARS are really pushing the envelope when it comes to increasing conversion through automation.

With TARS, you can choose chatbot templates and integrate them into your site through a simple code snippet. It’s easy to get started, and you will be able to:

  • Use a sequence to capture user information
  • Create trigger answers based on keywords (i.e. answer common questions about a product)
  • Assist with payment processing in case your checkout fails to convert

Other noteworthy chatbots: Heek, Botsify, Intercom

Quickly Preview Your Search Engine Results Pages

Quickly, and for free! This Sistrix SERP Snippet Generator is a great tool to keep in your bookmarks. It lets you type in a Meta Title and a Meta description and instantly see how it would look like in Google.

  • Ensure no text gets clipped
  • Optimize an existing page

Other noteworthy SERP optimization tools: SEOMofo’s SERP tool and

Optimize Page Speed and Customer Experience With Better Image Compression

page speed optimization

Another freebie: this quick and nifty online image compressor will go through all of a specific page’s images and convert them to the most optimized version. Search engine bots are sure to like that as it will increase your online store’s page speed, and make your beautiful product images faster to load for customers.

Sidenote: If you want to quickly check some additional aspects of your website’s optimization like loading speed, FirstSiteGuide’s Lookup Tool.


There is no shortage of ways you can expand your online store’s features through third-party solutions. But sometimes, the hardest thing is knowing where to get started. Hopefully, this handy list will be a good primer on which tools can really boost your sales (or at least on where to look for the best options)!

Robert Brandl is the founder of the ToolTester Network, where he aims to make the world of cloud software accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. He’s developed a solid passion for web tools and writes about website builders, live chat software and email marketing among other things.