Are you looking for great ways to increase eCommerce sales in 2016? It’s smart to stay ahead of the competition so here are six tips that will get you started!

According to a recent quarterly sales report prepared by the U.S. Census Bureau, online sales rose 4.2 percent from the second quarter to the third quarter of 2015. Stimulating online growth in terms of leads and sales will be a valuable strategy in 2016. We have been keeping an eye on internet growth and put it in terms to help the average SMB owner.  These are our favorite six ways to harness current marketing trends and make this momentum work for you.

  1. Add New Content

Content can be used to help distinguish your brand from your competitors. Companies wishing to position themselves as an authority within a specialty market can transform their website from a straightforward commercial experience to one that encompasses customer education, too.  Doing both will help you increase eCommerce sales in 2016 and beyond.

  1. Enhance Existing Content

Most professional websites have some tailored content already in place. This existing content can be enhanced through the addition of smart content – dynamic content that is appealing to the market demographics visiting your website. The key to smart content is tying the information back to your key products and services.

  1. Up-to-Date Mobile Compatibility

Most websites have some degree of mobile compatibility already built into their fundamental architecture. This basic approach may be good when a company is first starting out but actually leaves out many of the nuances that distinguish a really good mobile website from one that is simply adequate. If you’re trying to increase eCommerce sales in 2016, it is a good time to revisit features such as:

  • The position of call-to-action buttons. Do they appear prominently on mobile displays?
  • The position of text content. Does text content appear next to the correct page elements?
  • The design of each stage of the sales funnel. Does the information and course of action at each stage facilitate lead conversion via mobile device?
  1. Implementation of Video Marketing Content

Video content that is short, simple to embed, and convenient to interact with is a mainstay on many sites, especially social media platforms. Video significantly enhances the appeal of products by giving customers a chance to imagine themselves using these items. Sales-enhancing video content is poised to take off, so this is a good time to begin implementation.

  1. increase eCommerce sales in 2016Participate in Native Advertising

Native advertising mimics the appearance of content that your target customers are already interacting with, making it one of the hottest ways to increase eCommerce sales in 2016. These ads are highly targeted to particular markets so there is an even greater chance of lead generation. As native advertising starts to roll out more widely in 2016, this is a great time to partner with companies that offer this service.

  1. Discover Marketing Automation

Automating the cultivation of leads throughout the sales process is becoming simpler and more nuanced. This decreases the need to manually nurture leads at each point, while still ensuring that thorough cultivation is taking place.

The Right Time to Act

Economic recovery is happening slowly across the country and around the world, but many smaller organizations are struggling to regain lost market footing. Still, eCommerce sales continue to represent an important, even central, aspect to doing business.
Do you have any other ideas on how to increase eCommerce sales in 2016?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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