According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) more than 245 million people in the United States use the internet, which accounts for over 78 percent of the United States population. While traditional marketing programs, such as billboards and radio/television commercials are still useful, any business that is serious about harnessing the power of the internet, and its +245 million users, needs an online marketing program.

Electronic-mail (E-mail) marketing is one of the key elements of an online marketing program. E-mails create an instantaneous method of delivering content to both prospects and regular customers at the same time.

Responses to marketing e-mails can also be instantaneously tracked and responded to; this provides the business owner with information that can be used to refine further the marketing program for future use.

Email marketing has opened the door to many companies specialized in optimizing email market campaigns.

The following outlines 5 Email Marketing Tools You can use to energize your marketing campaign:

This company provides you with the tools to create an e-mail marketing campaign whether you know have no web-design experience or you have your own experienced design team.

This e-mail marketing service allows the creation of newsletters, surveys, event information and even coupons, quickly. Even include your company logo, specific color schemes and videos and/or still pictures.

This service, itself, is highly marketed through traditional and internet sources. Constant Contact combines your e-mail campaign as well as social media into one place, making efforts easier to publish to multiple platforms at once. The addition of videos, blogs, images and surveys allows for quick and easy feedback from your customers.

This service contains many tracking features that allow your company to track the results and effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaigns. The use of auto-responders, split testing and triggers assist you in presenting customers with messages that specifically match their needs and interests.

This service allows customization to e-mail contact lists. You can add custom fields to assist marketing and sales members quickly find ready customers as well as exclude people from receiving certain messages that do not specifically target them.

This platform offers easy-to-use marketing automation for ecommerce sellers. You can create email campaigns and set up automation workflows quickly and easily, and they even offer templates to get you started even quicker. Not only does this tool cover email marketing, but you can add SMS and push notifications to your workflows to create a bigger impact and earn more revenue.

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