Experts are anticipating online sales in 2020 to reach an astonishing $4.2 trillion. That
means that there is a lot to look forward to in the world of parcel shipping. This is
especially exciting as technology continues to evolve. Shipping logistics continues to
improve and parcel management becomes seemingly more simple despite its
complexity. Keeping this in mind, online sellers have a variety of shipping trends to look
forward to in 2020 – including three highlighted below.

#1: An Increase in Shipping Options for Online Shoppers

Baymard Institute reports that the top three reasons online consumers abandon
e-commerce shopping carts are due to lack of delivery options, shipping costs, and long
shipping times. Due to this, savvy sellers are recognizing the need to reduce friction
points during the online check-out process. This can be accomplished by providing more
options in shipping. Among these options should include flexible delivery options that
allow consumers to identify what works for their budget and needs.

One option that began in 2019 and will increase in 2020 is for customers to wait longer for
a package in exchange for a monetary reward or incentive. This, of course, is in response to
the past few years putting so much pressure on same-day or overnight delivery. The
reality has become clearer, however, that quick delivery is not always what customers
want. Saving dollars, however, is a perk customers are not willing to ignore.

Increased shipping options are also being offered by the shipping carriers at no additional
cost to the shippers. FedEx announced the beginning of FedEx Home Delivery residential
Sunday delivery in January 2020. At no additional cost, packages will be delivered on
Sunday as Amazon and USPS have been doing since 2013.

#2: An Influx in Cross-Border Shipping

Let’s face it – we live in a global economy and thus, a global marketplace. Online sellers in
particular benefit from this, with manufacturing of inventory to selling to consumers and
every touchpoint in between presenting opportunities to do business anywhere around
the world. As a result, businesses of all sizes should – and can – begin to incorporate global
shipping into their business strategies. With technology and external businesses ready to
support online sellers in their global parcel shipping goals, there are zero excuses to hold
back from selling globally and then, of course, shipping globally. Services even exist to
manage currency between nations, ultimately simplifying the currency-exchange needs
that both customers and businesses alike need.

As 2020 moves forward, don’t let the border of any nation hold you back from expanding
your online reach.

#3: A Rise in Delivery Location Choices

“Having a home or business address to ship items to is not always ideal for today’s
on-the-go customers. Having lockers or other pick-up locations is ideal, however, and as
we look ahead to 2020, it’s important for online sellers to recognize what this may mean
to their customers.” – Brian C. Gibbs, Refund Retriever, LLC

Offering consumer profiles with multiple shipping address choices archived or providing
ease in deciding what location a customer benefits to ship to based on price savings are
among the ways you can leverage this customer demand. Whether it’s because
consumers want anonymous delivery options or 24/7 pick-up possibilities or anything
else. The reality on your end is that customers want choice – plain and simple. To help,
make sure you provide this in your online parcel communication.

Last-mile delivery for FedEx, UPS, and Amazon will include delivery to lockboxes, third
party secure locations, or drone delivery. Sellers who embrace these options early will have
a competitive edge when these are standards expected by all consumers.

In Conclusion

As we look ahead to 2020 and beyond, it’s impossible to not consider how global issues
will impact parcel shipping. As a business having to leverage parcel, it’s critical to stay
ahead of the trends and keep track of parcel spend. Among the ways to do this is to
incorporate parcel auditing into your best practices. Also welcome carrier contract reviews
and possible negotiations into your strategy, as well. These proactive efforts will bring your
business clarity while also helping you save parcel overhead. This is a win-win for any
business looking to push ahead in 2020.

Brian Gibbs | President of Refund Retriever founded Refund Retriever in 2006 while running his first eBay based business and seeing the shortcomings of other shipment auditing companies. Refund Retriever’s primary focus is FedEx and UPS parcel invoice auditing. After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2001, he then graduated from the University of Houston in 2004 with a JD and MBA. Gibbs has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and other publications discussing parcel auditing, shipping, ecommerce and more. Learn more at or call (800) 441-8085 for more information.