Many online entrepreneurs find it hard to keep up with the changing technology and technique of digital marketing for eCommerce business.  New entrepreneurs often don’t have enough time to attend classes or lack the funds needed to continue their education.  Starting a business can be tough! Well, fortunately, we live in a beautiful time for technology and free-range information access.  We are in a time when the best online marketing classes can sometimes be free, and are always convenient.  There are many internet marketing courses that will save you time and money, but which ones are worth the effort?

Here are 10 of the best online marketing classes available online today:

  1. The Digital Marketing Course (and Challenge) by Google
    Google is well-known for its wealth of information.  It offers tutorials and guidance on a variety of topics, but really excel when it comes to online business and marketing.  
    With its Digital Marketing Course, Google will start you out with a pre-course preparation, which takes you through an introduction to Adwords, and gives you an overview of how internet advertising helps businesses find customers around the world. After this prep is complete, the Google Digital Marketing Course walks you through an Intro to Digital Marketing, Adwords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Analytics, Tools and Best Practices, and creating free business listings with a Google My Business page.

    But what’s the best thing about Google’s Digital Marketing Course and Online Marketing Challenge? Both are free!

  2. PPC University by WordStream
    Want to know all there is to know about PPC advertising? There’s a free PPC 101 course waiting for you at the PPC University by WordStream.  This course has 11 sections that are dedicated to your marketing education. It covers the basics, such as, “what is PPC” and guides you along to the more in-depth topics like CTR, CPC, and CPA.
    WordStream is an excellent resource for online business and marketing education, offering a small handful of classes for free before you have to subscribe to the service. There are free courses in AdWords and Search Marketing and also unlimited access to the WordStream library of free guides, e-books, and white pages.

  3. Moz Academy SEO by Moz
    The Moz Academy is an exceptional learning tool that has some of the best online marketing classes for new entrepreneurs.  This program focuses on inbound marketing and is often updated to improve the video and article content, keeping it fresh and current.  Moz has created short, comprehensive video lessons that cover a wide range of topics like SEO, link building, social networking, brand building, and content creation.

    You can follow Moz’s teachings on the site or through Udemy, where it’s a free course that’s helped about 82,000 students, but still, maintains an above 4.2 rating.  That sounds like a pretty sweet deal for any online business prospector.

  4. The Expert Pass by Market Motive
    If you’re a bit more serious about getting what you need and want from a tried-and-true, reputable name, The Expert Pass by Market Motive may be for you.  For a monthly fee of $299 or an annual fee of $2999, you’ll have access to programs that include social media marketing, conversion optimization, PPC advertising, SEO, as well as mobile, email and content marketing.  Market Motive has built its reputation by  “ focusing on education, and partnering with the most recognized professionals in the industry: the best-selling authors, keynote speakers, and respected consultants that everyone else looks up to. The people who wrote the books that our competitors’ courses are based on.” It’s a sure bet for the entrepreneur who has a bit of a marketing budget and is interested in self-educating.
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  5. Marketing Tutorials by
    Another great paid option, but one that offers a free 10-day trial, is’s Marketing Tutorials.  The experts at LinkedIn have come together to deliver a quality marketing course to your computer.  With it, you’ll have access to over 144 marketing courses and almost 3600 educational videos.  You’ll learn how to use today’s tools and platforms to develop, implement, and measure a winning marketing strategy. Lynda’s marketing courses help even the absolute beginner with ideas like branding, public relations, and an endless offering of marketing.

  6. A Free Diploma in E-Business by Alison
    It’s frustrating to see the importance of something but not have the education or experience to make the necessary changes.  This happens often to business owners, especially those in eCommerce, which is why outside experts have to be called in.  Fortunately, marketing doesn’t have to be one of those areas. Alison’s Free Diploma in E-Business helps bridge the gap between need and knowledge, making it one of the best online marketing classes for new entrepreneurs.  It especially appeals to those who are looking to work on marketing methods, but don’t know where to start.  Alison takes you through landing pages and conversions to the numerous Google tools, such as Analytics, AdWords, AdSense and Webmaster.  It’s definitely a no-risk option to getting your business on track!

  7. Inbound Digital Marketing Course + Official Certification by Hubspot
    Even eMerchants who are somewhat familiar with online marketing may need to work on the weak spots of their online store.  This is where Hubspots Inbound Digital Marketing Course and Official Certification come in.  The free online marketing class will teach you how to use inbound marketing to attract visitors to your site and convert them into leads.  No frills. No gimmicks. You don’t need to be an online expert to benefit from this course, but you should have a basic understanding of business leads, business customers, etc.

  8. Online Marketing Plan for Beginners by iMarketer Training
    If you need to begin at the beginning with internet marketing, you should consider throwing down $20 on the Online Marketing Plan for Beginners by iMarketer Training.  It’ll be $20 well spent as this program takes you from the very basics of online business and marketing.  This includes but is not limited to understanding buyers behaviors, building a brand, SEO, social media marketing (facebook, Twitter, etc), email marketing, lead generation, keyword analysis, and much, much more. It’s 60 lectures broken into 6 sections.  All you need is a smart phone, tablet, or any device that’s connected!

  9. Internet Marketing for Smart People by CopyBlogger
    If eBook training is more your style, register (for free) and has instant access to over 100,000 words of proven marketing training with Internet Marketing for Smart People by CopyBlogger.  Coming from CopyBlogger, you can expect that much of its marketing wisdom revolves around content.  In addition to the free marketing articles, however, you’ll also be automatically enrolled in a 20-part training program that revolves around marketing.  The eBooks, seminars, web books and forums found at CopyBlogger are filled with need-to-know information!

  10. The Harvard Business School Collection (DASH) by Harvard Business School
    And though we think everyone knows about open-source learning from major universities, we’d like to complete our list of the best online marketing classes by reminding everyone that many top-notch learning institutions are now offering free online classes or open source to their articles and resources.  A great example of this is Harvard Business School’s open-access repository of works.  This compilation of over 375 articles has been contributed by both faculty and students and contains cutting edge theory and information on the topic from management to marketing.  If you can control your own study time and pace, the Harvard DASH would be an amazing resource for you to consider.

So now that you have the essential list of the best online marketing classes for new entrepreneurs, what are you gonna do with it?  It’s your move.  

Have you tried and loved any online entrepreneur classes?  We’d love to hear what you think the best online marketing classes for internet merchants are (in the comments below)!