Want to add eCommerce to your website?

Here are the top 4 ways you can add eCommerce to any existing site.

Many times, businesses have invested a great deal of time into an existing website and simply want to add eCommerce so they can start selling. Regardless if you’ve built your site on your own or used a popular CMS, adding eCommerce to it isn’t difficult at all. The first step is deciding what integration method works the best for you and your customers. Here’s an overview of the most popular PinnacleCart integration methods.

Method A allows you to utilize all of PinnacleCart’s features and is typically used by most merchants. Regardless of the method(s) you chose we always suggest the following:

  • Using a sub-domain from the existing website as the URL for the PinnacleCart store (e.g., shop.yourdomain.com)
  • Editing the theme on PinnacleCart so that the look and feel of the storefront is styled to match the existing website

Here are some live examples:

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d love to consult with you!

If you have any questions about the methods listed above or need some suggestions on which method would provide the best user experience for your customers,

please call us at 1-800-506-0398 opt 1 or start a live chat.

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