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Where can I get Access key for UPS?

We are currently working with UPS to streamline the setup process. In the meantime, the following instructions can be used.

You need two things to use UPS rate calculations within Pinnacle Cart: A UPS account and an access key. You can sign up for a UPS account at Once you have your account you can apply for an access key.

First go ahead and hover over the Support tab, then click on the Technology Support.

Once you go ahead and are viewing the Technology Support page as shown below, go ahead and click on UPS Developer Kit.

Now after you have clicked on that page you can go ahead and see the page that is listed below.

You want to look through the list of steps and make sure all of them are completed if they all are; go ahead and click on the link that says Request Access;

After you have clicked on that link it'll take you to another screen, requesting some other information; just follow all steps requesting to fill out information.

-If you have not created a UPS account before then, there will be a couple steps you take to proceed and receive an access code.

-Once you have gone through the whole process you'll see this screen with confirmation.

[Also a mental note if you already had a UPS account, the other option is available to add a UPS account this way you would not have to go through this process]

-If this screen show up as shown above then this means your account has been created; congrats!

-I also would definitely suggest to print this out for personal records.

-Now as far as retrieving your access code you will go ahead and simply repeat the steps from earlier.

-Hover over Support and click on Technology Support.

-Once you have clicked on that link you'll see the page of Technology Support and click on where it is linked for UPS Developer Kit.

After you have done this and you see that bold link that says Request Access click on it once more.

-After you've accessed this page again, you'll notice that on the bottom is showing the UPS account you just created.

-On the right hand side below your account name you will see the link to Request Access.

-Now you will see the confirmation screen of your access code.

I would highly suggest to print out this confirmation page, just to have this for your own personal records.

-Now you have officially registered with UPS and received your access code.

-You do receive emails with both the confirmation of your access code and account information; however, it is always better to have a printed copy to keep for your records.

-Now you are completely finished; good luck!

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